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The Optical and WIreless sensors Networks for 6G scenarios (OWIN6G) project brings together important industry and academic stakeholders with the goal of developing a structured European training programme for early stage researchers in optical technologies to facilitate disruptive wireless sensor applications within sixth-generation (6G) wireless networks.

EU Project OWIN6G Goals & Concepts

  • Train a new generation of doctoral candidates with in IoT/IoE-inspired RF/optical wireless sensor networks (WSNs)
  • Research novel photonic sensor technologies, hybrid RF/optical energy-harvesting transceivers and PoE/PLC backbone networks.
  • Research energy-efficient MAC protocols, apply SDN concepts for security purposes and develop an optimization framework for future 6G WSNs
  • Apply the OWIN6G tech into key applications including body-area networks, e-health, air quality monitoring and localization

OWIN6G combines various disciplines to achieve its ambitious research and training goals


Main component of OWIN6G analog PHY


Node powering, driver circuits, analog PHY

Machine Learning

For sensor device and network optimization


Optimizing optical/hybrid sensor networks for 6G apps

Digital Twining

Developing digital twin for accurate network design & simulation

Analytical Modeling

Obtain accurate models for OWIN6G systems & networks


Accurate network and system-level simulation


Energy efficient modulation and coding schemes for 6G sensornets

Early Stage Researchers
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Are you interested in a PhD opportunity within OWIN6G?

OWIN6G provides funding opportunities for early stage researchers to carry out PhD theses in the project’s beneficiary organizations. If you are interested, please fill out our expression of interest (EOI) form by clicking the button on the right.